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Name:Mr. Sartono Suwarno [Director/CEO/General Manager]
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Skype: sartono_finance
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. Sartono Suwarno at bekasi utara
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. Sartono Suwarno at bekasi utara
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Address:Tytyan kencana blok E4 No. 21-22 margamulya
bekasi utara 17142, Jawa Barat
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Registration Date:Apr. 20, 2004
Last Updated:Jan. 22, 2014
Business Nature:Trade, Service of Home Supplies category

Company Brief

Our company is subsidiary of group PT Marensa MU, specialize in trading company such as commodity below:

1. Agricultural commodities
2. Food and beverage
3. Handicraft & Furniture
4. Fish Skin Nila Tilapia Finished
5. Soap Noodle, Medicated soap, toilet soap, multipurpose soap
6. Paper
7. Mining
8. Area Palm Plantation
9. Energy
10. Birds

For more question please email: Ajisokotradingco@ yahoo.com
Phone: 62218877940 Faxcimile: 62218877940, mobile: 6287788710018

Link web: www.indonetwork.co.id/ PTMarensamedikautama
Link web: www.indonetwork.co.id/ PTBinafarhakarya
Link web: www.indonetwork.co.id/ Ajisokoconsultant
Link web: www.indonetwork.co.id/ Angkringankiasem

Major Products / Services
  • SartonoConsultant
    tax, system, management, exorcism service

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